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Introducing the Ever Whip cream that proves the superiority of Korean bakery and confectionery. Made in Korea by SIB that stands for “Sun-in for Baking”, expressing the infinite passion for Baking. Ever Whip non-dairy whipping cream is the best selling non-dairy/vegetable whipping cream in South Korea.

✔A vegetable cream that guarantees excellent whipping performance.
✔The consistent quality with high overrun, smooth mouthfeel and firm texture has made it one of the top non-dairy whipping creams in East Asia and South East Asia.
✔can withstand a hot kitchen and outdoor environment, suitable for outdoor occasions like garden weddings and outdoor buffets.
✔uses sorbitol instead of glucose/corn syrup. Sorbitol is a sugar substitute consumable by diabetic patients.

Storage: Keep refrigerated / Kept frozen, defrost before using, do not refreeze after thawing.


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