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Our food flavour and emulco are perfect and work stable on the cakes and bakes. The applications on MyFlavor’s flavours are wide includes confectioneries, pastry, cookies, jam, desserts, sauces, topping and also beverages.

Let’s enjoy the rich and customizable taste with our food flavours. We have more than hundreds of flavor and emulco for your selection to support your businesses need.

Our food emulco is a mixture of food flavouring and colouring, it is bake stable and moisture retention with a perfect aroma. Always NO 1 choice for your bakes and cakes.

Recommended Dosage:

【1%-2%】: Cakes & Confectioneries

【2%-5%】: Bread & Cookies

【0.5%-2%】: Jelly & Puddings

【0.5%-3%】: Fillings & Toppings


The picture above is for reference only. The real object should be considered final.


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