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Brown rice and white rice basically have the same ingredients, but brown rice is to remove the grain shell but retains the outer tissue of rice, GI for 50. This desertion has had a great impact on our drinking. Because brown rice contains five times the fiber and twice the iron. In fact, about 80% of the mineral matter is gathered in the outer layer of rice, and these nourishing points are lost due to the shell of the process. Brown rice is preserved in complete rice, rich in protein, lipids, fiber and vitamin B1, and so on, so it is a healthier food than white rice.

  • Improve human immune function
  • Prevention of cardiovascular disease
  • Prevention of anemia
  • Prevention of constipation and bowel cancer

Application: One of the best qualities of brown rice is its versatility. You can eat it at any time of day and incorporate it into a variety of recipes.


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